Finding Balance in a “Sexed Universe”

Tony Pics for SA Book We’ve been considering the spiritual essences within and behind the sacred anatomy of our endocrine system.  I would like to expand this consideration to encompass the larger context of life in which these delicate glands in our bodies play dynamic roles in bringing about homeostasis.

Homeostasis in health is the state of balance between a man/woman and his/her environment.  Health is a state of balance.  Dis-ease is a state of imbalance.

I’ve been reading some of Walter Russell’s books — and blogging on them in my blog. I’m presently half way through his 1947 work The Secret of Light — a very mentally stimulating book — but  also spiritually enlightening. The author truly did tap the secrets of the Universe.  He brings God the Creator right down into Creation where one can see God, not aloof from his creation but quite intimately involved in it and eternally creating it . . . through us.  


The idea that spawned this post came in something Russell said about balance.  All things in the universe, he writes, seek balance.  The implication in this statement is that all things are naturally in a state of unbalance.  Balance, Russell writes, is a state of rest.  In what he calls a “two-way electrical universe,” opposites, by nature, oppose one another while seeking a state of rest by nullifying one another.  

In electricity, for example, a positive current seeks negative grounding, where it comes to rest in a state of balance. The same dynamic plays out in an electrical storm.  Clouds build up a positive charge which they discharge in a bolt of lightning toward the negative, receptive  ground.  The result is light, which is neither positive or negative.  These polarities are nullified by their union.  Light is the balanced state where opposites come to rest and lose their individual charge and identity.

Opposites can never unite unless they return to their original state of balance and rest, where they are no longer what they were. They become each other.  Hot becomes cold by condensing and cold becomes hot by expanding.  Night becomes day and day becomes night.  Life becomes death in order to be reborn as life. Heaven becomes earth and earth returns to heaven.  Water becomes vapor and vapor returns to water. The invisible becomes visible only to return to being invisible.  The only reality that doesn’t change is God.  God is eternal Balance.  

Human beings seek health when they are sick.  We become sick when we get out of balance with Universal Law.  For example, by divine design we carry a positive spiritual charge in relation to our environment.  Our worlds are negative, or responsive, toward us, their creators. We lose that dynamic creator-creation relationship the moment we become negative, or responsive, toward them, in effect making our worlds, rather than God, our positive point of orientation and looking to receive our cues for directions in life from circumstances rather than from within. In other words, we reverse our polarity by turning our face of response outward.  In that state, we become reactive rather than proactive.  

This sets up an unnatural dynamic between us and our worlds. We really can’t make the material world positive in its charge.  By nature it is negative toward the Positive One who made it. We can only reverse our own polarity, in effect turning our backs on God.  In so doing, we lose our radiance — and eventually our health.  Our worlds do not respond to us lacking our positive dominion and stewardship.  Life becomes a struggle of extracting sustenance from our worlds by the sweat of our brows.  (Seems I’ve read that somewhere in Genesis.) This unbalance is finally resolved in death.  Death is where our bodies finally find the rest they sought throughout their existence.  “Rest in peace,” we say — but only for a little while until the atoms that make up our bodies are resurrected back into another life form, perhaps human.  

That creator-creation dynamic is restored the moment we restore our natural polarity by turning our face of response back to God and extending a radiant dominion of positive energy toward our environment. That quality of dominion is magnetic and irresistible.  It’s Love.  Atoms and molecules will come together in healthy patterns of design and balanced bodily function very quickly around such a quality of spirit in expression through us.  Our endocrine system will produce sufficient and appropriate hormones that will gladly carry those positive energies and messages in a stream of balanced chemistry to all the cells in the body.  Vitality and harmony will prevail once again — as it was when we were innocent children — in our house of being.  


By virtue of the same dynamic, life in our day-to-day relationships and activities is a state of opposites and therefore of unbalance.  Male and female, for example, are opposite energies.  They oppose one another.  That’s their natural state of creative stress. They seek union in order to procreate, and in doing so they become one another, negate one another, lose themselves in one another.  Men no longer remain male and women no longer female.  They become Love, if only for a few minutes, creating a new life form. If only they would retain that shared identity in Love after their sexual union and extend loving dominion in their daily affairs, the world would quickly be transformed. Then, male energy could continue to be itself and female energy itself in an ongoing, natural relationship of opposites balancing one another rather than competing with one another for power and control.

Ideally and ultimately the balancing of these two energies needs to take place within the individual. It occurs easily as the mind is consumed in knowing Truth and how things work with Life,  and the heart is content in its love affair with Love and ceases looking for love elsewhere. It occurs instantly when I remember who I AM and honor my lordship over my creation. 

In politics, liberals oppose conservatives. That’s by constitutional, as well as natural, design.  Standing alone, they are each in a state of unbalance. Standing together in opposition to one another, they create a dynamic state of what could and should be creative stress.  It has historical rather created a seemingly insurmountable impasse.

A state of unbalance finds balance only by returning to a state of rest.  Agreement — even agreeing to disagree — creates a state of rest.  

I find it interesting that in this political battle over gun control, the conservative party wants liberation from gun-control while the liberal party wants conservation and tightening of gun-control — and the twain shall never meet. That is, unless they come to love and want the same thing, hopefully the truth, whatever that is in this situation. The people, whom they represent, are divided on that score, a division we see reflected in Congress. Until we the people come to a resolution on the basis of what the right thing to do is, the two parties will remain unbalanced in their individual views and in their polarized charge around those views, and the issue will remain unresolved. Without agreement, there can be no balance, and the painfully divisive state of unrest in our nation will persist, all stemming from a prevailing fear that the government is trying to take away our constitutional right to bear arms, a “right” that is at odds with Universal Law.  

The solution to the tragedies produced by violence is not to be found and legislated by Congress.  It will come about naturally when we stop making allowances for it in our consciousness. Data shows you are four times more likely to die by a bullet — either by your hand or by that of your spouse or other family member — if you make allowance for a gun in your home as a means of self-defense. It’s the old proverb, “Live by the sword and die by the sword.”  

Opposites can unite only if they return to their original state of balance and rest.  Love is our origin. Only in Love can we find our place of balance and rest. When our love is for truth, the result of our actions will be peace — and life will prevail.  


That is how Walter Russell describes the world in which we live.  Electricity is created by divided wave action arising out of God’s Mind conveying his Idea of Creation.  One wave carries a positive charge and the other wave carries a negative charge.  One compresses while the other expands. One is masculine and the other feminine. Their passion to unite and discharge  depends upon the intensity and build up of their electrical charge. The farther away from a state of balance through union they are, the more they “sex” one another and the more irresistible is their desire for union, which can be rather violent if one is super-charged and not discharging energy in other creative ways — or is mentally or emotionally compromised.  As Russell describes it . . .

Sex is the division of a balanced equilibrium condition into two equally unbalanced conditions which negate each other periodically for the purpose of repeating the two unbalanced conditions.

Sex is the creative principle. It is the dual desire force in Mind (God) for expressing its One Idea (for Creation). Without a division of the one unconditioned Light into two seemingly conditioned lights (male-female, positive-negative, father-mother), Creation could not be.

Sex is not a thing, it is a condition of a thing.  An electrically balanced condition of anything is sexless, whether it be a man, woman, electric battery, or the atmosphere. A sexed condition is an unbalanced condition. 

Using the examples of a short-circuited battery losing its charge and becoming “dead,” and that of the calm after an electrical storm that has discharged the clouds and the atmosphere, Russell makes his case for how the desire for balance is satisfied in nature, and when balance is attained at rest, motion is no longer possible.

The sexed condition of unbalance in man is exactly the same in all phenomena in Nature. An unbalanced sex condition in man demands balancing in the same way, and its violence depends upon its electrical measure of unbalance. When that desire is satisfied and balance is restored, man is as sexless as the dead storage battery and for the same reason.

He offers this as a re-conditioning:

Man is recharged into a sexed condition by his heartbeat, by the food he eats and by his inbreathing-outbreathing. These are the generators which recharge the “dead storage batteries” of all the universe into sexed conditioned “live batteries.”

Electricity — which Russell sees as the wave activity of God’s knowing and thinking Mind — is what conditions all “sexless matter into its sexed condition, by dividing a pressureless condition into two opposite pressures which desire release from their opposition.”  He then offers this astute observation and perspective:

All of the work of the universe is performed as a result of that desire in unbalanced matter to seek rest in a balanced condition.  

This is a sexed electric universe in every effect of motion, whether it be in the heart of a giant sun or in the petal of a meadow violet.

Every action of motion in the universe is a result of sex desire for motion from a state of rest, or for rest from a state of motion. 

One can see the function of emotions in this light as a means of discharging energy charge around issues of deep interest. Russell brings it all back to God in this final paragraph:

These two sex desires of electric action and reaction are the result of the two desires of the Father to manifest His One Light through the extended father-mother lights which interweave His idea of Creation into the multiple forms of that idea and void them periodically for the purpose of repeating them. 

Finally, he sheds light on the eternal birth-death-rebirth cycle from seed to form back to seed.

The desire for two-way motion in equal action and reaction is reflected in the dual electric desire to give for regiving, and to unfold for refolding.

What a beautiful perspective.  This is why I love reading Walter Russell. He has left us a priceless legacy of understanding with regard to the secrets of the universe.

Thanks for reading my post.  I love to hear from my readers and share your thoughts.  I look forward to what’s next in this blog.  Sometimes I don’t know until a few days before they are due.  Until then, here’s to your health and wellness!  


Reference: Russell, Walter — The Secret of Light, (1947), University Of Science And Philosophy, formerly the Walter Russell Foundation, Waynesboro, Virginia 22980.

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Seven Glands for Seven Spirits, Part 8: The Spirit of the New Earth

Life flows from above, down, inside, out, like this cool, clear mountain stream.

Life flows from above, down, inside, out, like this cool, clear mountain stream.

Our anatomy is sacred because it is created by God to serve a sacred purpose.  That purpose is the incarnation of God Being on Earth for creative work.  Our bodies belong to God and not to individual human egos.  When they are not used for their sacred purpose they become confused, depressed and ill.  In short season they disintegrate and return to the sacred Mother Earth which gave them form.  The incarnate sacred being is then released from its prison and freed up to return to its Heavenly Father who created it immortal, after his own immortal image, and godlike after his own divine likeness.  

While it yet lives, the spirit of God works, to the extent it is allowed, through specifically appointed centers of sacred energy in order to express itself and maintain life in the body temple. We’ve been considering these sacred seals of the endocrine system in the light of their spiritual essence and purpose.  Seven spirits before this living throne of God are solely responsible for the balanced and creative function of our seven hormonal glands. It is through them that the commands of love are sent forth into the body, each gland’s hormones designed to carry out its specific mission.  The hormones of the gonads are designed to carry out the commands of the Spirit of the New Earth.

Here is the last verse of my poem The Seven Spirits of God :

I am the Spirit of the New Earth

I welcome the substance by which I create all things new

in patience and right expectancy

I am the spirit of love

In my book  Sacred Anatomy are these words about the character of this spirit:

Attitude of the New Earth:  Patience and Right Expectancy                       

    The Spirit of the New Earth brings with it a sense of right-expectancy about what is coming our way from out the future.  It is a victorious spirit characterized and tempered by patience.  We are able to meet and handle each moment’s circumstance as “a conqueror going forth to conquer.”   We understand that the Creative Process works in its own cycles and seasons to bring forth new flesh in our bodies through the ongoing cycles of regeneration, renewing them cell by cell every moment of every day.  We know that things of real meaning and value take time to work out in our lives and are worth waiting for.  We are patient with this process, assured that life knows what it is doing and what is best for us, and that brings to us no more or less than we are able and equipped to handle.  We are not interested in thwarting the natural design for our lives.

   In patience we have an attitude of radiant disregard toward events occurring both in our lives and in our worlds.  They simply do not move us to worry or anxiety, and it matters not to us how things and events work out, as our primary concern is to maintain a spirit of right expectancy with regard to the future.  We keep the heaven of our hearts undisturbed wherein the seeds of life gestate and come to fruition. We enjoy a bright outlook because we have taken care of first things first, and have remembered our First Love, the Beloved within our own hearts.

Love brings man and woman together in sacred union in order to send forth a unified current of blessing into a world made up of atoms, vortices of creative energy.  The world of form is all energy, moving vortices of energy, drawn together by Love to flesh out our bodies.  They are spiritualized and transmuted by the radiant current of love during sacred sex.  Our sex glands of reproduction are designed for this purpose. 

The Spiritualization of Atoms  

   There is a remarkable and significant similarity between the shape and function of the Pineal Body, with its mushroom-shaped head, with that of the male and female glands on the opposite end of the endocrine system.  They both serve as pointed vessels for focused release of the unified radiant current.  The sensation of intense pleasure during erection of both the penis and the clitoris, intensifying as orgasm begins to occur, is powerfully felt in the space behind the eyes where the anterior and posterior lobes of the Pituitary Gland, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine embracing in the sixth plane of being. With the facilitation of the Hypothalamus and the Limbic System just above it in the brain, the pleasure center of the brain, the Pituitary receives the release of the golden light of love emanating from Spirit through the Pineal Body, embracing it on its way to the eyes and forehead and creating the sacred alchemy which allows the fire of love to “fall from heaven.”  The fire extends down and out through the sexual organs as well as outward through the eyes and permeating the entire body.   Every cell in the body temple is permeated by the radiant outpouring of love and therein rejuvenated in the ecstasy of sexual orgasm.

   With the outpouring of love’s emanations comes a refinement of pneumaplasm as it is drawn into the core of the ascending flame where it is refined even further.  This rarefied substance then rises to mingle with the substance of love contained within the heart.  The heart provides a safe place for the alchemy of transmutation to take place.  From this heart-container, the substance continues on its journey upward reaching into the core and bringing the experience of heaven into the body temple.  Upon touching the core of love in our heart of hearts, pneumaplasm acts as a connecting substance between earth and heaven through which the currents of love pour forth into the body-temple and through the body-temple into one’s world.  Thus are the atoms in the earthly plane of being spiritualized and lifted up into the realm of spirit.  

   The experience of this release through the eyes is especially unifying as the two look into each other’s eyes to receive one another as angels while their union makes itself evident and powerfully felt, as portrayed by the two cherubim poised over the mercy seat in the Ark of the Covenant gazing into each one another’s eyes.   Such moments of sacred sexual intimacy reveal the state of ecstatic union with the Beloved, from Whom a rich outpouring of love is known throughout the temple in waves of delightful pleasure. In his instructions on the “seven seals” Uranda describes what occurs at this level: 

         “Here thou seest the activity of the Gonad Glands (ovary or testis) in harmony with the Christ Center in the Sacral region of thy spine.  Here it is that the active Spiritualization process begins, and as the body substance responds to the action of this Seal it is prepared for the ASCENSION.”  (Uranda, Steps to Mastership

This Seal has been variously called the Cave of Darkness, the Serpent’s Seat, the Coil of Kundalini, the Manger of Birth (Bible), and by other names.  As this transmuted substance begins its ascension through the Seven Seals, it is spoken of, all through the Bible, as the River of Life; and the Tree of Life which extends from one side of the River of Life to the other side represents the Positive and Negative phases of the Seven Seals, under or through which the River of Life is flowing.  The Branches of the Trunk of the Tree extend from the Glands on the one side and from the Christ Centers in the Spine on the other side.  (STM, Lesson Fifty-four)

Knowing the Power of Love                     

   The power of love has little meaning unless it is allowed to move through us into the world so that we know it as intimately as we know ourselves.   There is not anyone who does not want to know the power of love.  We may say we want to experience the power of the Creator but are we in position to handle it?  Some wield so-called “power,” which is really force, in order to gain and maintain control over others and over the natural world.  But what is such force when compared to the power of love?  It is as nothing.  It is abusive, weak and self-serving. 

   True power is of a quality born out of stillness, out of the sea of glass which is clear as crystal.  It comes from above, down, inside and out into expression through all levels of being.  To the extent that the Spirit of Love is flowing through all Seven Seals, and the individuals involved are both internally still, having emerged from out of the lower three levels of being and into the fourth level, great power can move through them during this sacred service in the temple.

   As we make ourselves available to the creative power of love, we may even be called upon to come together in sacred union to provide a focused apex through which the Lord may have a channel into the world of mankind to bring blessing and transformation through the release of a unified current of love.  In such times awful power is known, a still power that radiates the Ray of Love but does not consume the sacred vessels in its release.   It is known to the guileless whose hearts are lifted up in the rapture of love response to the Beloved.  The purpose for such cycles of union between two angels may not be known to them until it is complete.  It may not be known to them ever.   But they always know that they were drawn together for a purpose that transcends them and their own shared field of co-creativity.  When they become aware of it, they are utterly humble and profoundly grateful to Love for finding them worthy and available for the work of restoration and re-creation.  They are also aware that their union is without end, even though they may part company and never see each other again on the physical plane.   For such union is not made on earth but is already a reality in the heaven that angels share with the LORD God.   It is simply made known on earth and experienced between human beings, and is a joy unspeakable.

This concludes this series of considerations on our sacred anatomy.  For further meditative reading on the subject, I refer you to my book Sacred Anatomy.  Until my next post, I greet you in the healing and renewing Spirit of the New Earth.

To your health and healing,

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