The Healing Process:The Cell, Part 1 Protein Synthesis


We’ve been considering the role of the cell in facilitating the healing process, sharing some of Dr. Gary Samuelson’s booklet The Science of Healing Revealed – New Insights into Redox Signaling. In this post we will look at the basic concept of the cell’s function in manufacturing protein molecules, the fundamental building blocks of our anatomy.

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We’ll start with this beautiful video clip of The Inner Life of the Cell (8 min).  Brief ABC Report (3 min).  If you have the time, enjoy  David Bolinsky’s  entertaining Fantastic Voyage inside the cell (10 min.)

An Overview of How Healthy Cells Work

All life processes take place inside of our cells. In the simplest definition, a cell is a tiny bag filled with salt water and organic chemicals. The bag itself is made out of a bi-lipid [phospholipid] membrane (3 thin sheet that has waterproof layers on both sides and a thin layer of fat [cholesterol] in between).

Note the need for cholesterol in the cell structure, not at all the “bad” thing medicine and pharma would have us believe.  Balance and ratio, as in all things, is the primary factor.

View clip Anatomy of a cell (3:38)

All of the materials that the cell needs to maintain life must be passed through this membrane into the inside of the cell and also all of the unneeded garbage that is generated inside tile cell needs to be passed back out through this membrane to the outside of the cell. The cell manufactures certain portals or gateways, called receptors and co-receptors, that are embedded in the cell membrane to let the materials in and out and to pass chemical messages from the outside to the inside of the cell and vice versa. Everything that affects the cell must be able either to pass through these portals or to diffuse through the membrane. (4:40)

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In the middle of each cell there is another smaller double bag (made from two bi-lipid membranes) that contains the nucleus and DNA. The DNA [Deoxyibonucleic Acid] has encoded instructions on how and when to build the proteins that the cell uses. A DNA strand is made out of two molecular spines twisted into a double helix. Between the spines there can be found only four distinct types of molecules called nucleotides (labeled A,T,C,G)  which are arranged in sequenced groups like rungs on a ladder. Groups of three of these rungs are called “codons” (A-T-G1 for example).

The exact sequence of these codons in the DNA strand determines the specific order in which amino acids are chained together (called polypeptide chains) in order to form proteins, thousands and thousands of different varieties. Most of the cell’s machinery and inner structure is formed out of the proteins manufactured from these genetic instructions. One exception to this rule is the formation of an organelle called the Mitochondrion. The Mitochondria (plural) contain their own DNA (called mtDNA) formed in circular strands and they divide and reproduce inside the cell much like bacteria divide, but are controlled and regulated by protein messengers from the nucleus. The Mitochondria’s primary job is to efficiently produce the fuel (ATP) that energizes the micro machines inside the cell that carry out the life processes. There are anywhere from 10 to 5000 Mitochondria in a typical cell, taking up to 50% of the cell’s volume.

YouTube video clips:   DNA and RNA (1:45)   Protein Synthesis (3:30)  Transcription: From DNA to Flesh and Blood (4 min)

In theory, the DNA sequences of instructions (genes) inside any given cell in your body are entirely identical to the DNA sequences (genes) that are in every other cell (with the exception of the reproductive cells). Lately researchers have cloned whole animals by placing the DNA from a single skin cell inside an empty egg cell. The egg cell starts to divide and form a complete organism. The DNA package Inside every ceil in the animal has all of the instructions necessary to form a whole new animal. This begs the question: If the DNA in every cell is identical, then how does there come to be so many different varieties of cells and tissues, brain cells, bone cells, skin cells, liver cells, etc.? The answer to this question is found in the understanding that the individual cells do not act alone they are grouped and bound together into tissues.

The genes activated in the individual cells depend largely on messengers sent back and forth from their neighbors and are specific to where the cells are located in the body. After a while, the chemical (protein) messages sent from the surrounding cells activate the genes that determine the behavior of all the cells that collectively form similar tissue. So in a real sense, the cellular function is determined by the environment in which it lives.  Cells, in this sense, “become what they eat.”   [Underscore mine]

Cellular differentiation and “stem cells.”

The ability of a cell to change its form and function depending on the protein messengers surrounding it is called “cellular differentiation.” A cell gains its identity (brain, muscle, liver, etc.) from the messengers it finds around it and/or builds inside it. A recent triumph in science came when “stem cells” were discovered. These cells can take the form of any cell they come into contact with (they are undifferentiated cells). If you want to grow new brain cells, for example, then all that is required is to place stem cells in the brain. They will soon transform into new brain cells that fit flawlessly into their new environment as they are programmed to become new brain cells by their neighboring cells. This also happens if they are placed in the liver, heart, etc., the stem cells ultimately become similar to the cells that surround them. It is an interesting fact that the cells in your body can also genetically shift due to the intake of nutrients that you eat. What you eat can literally change the form and genetic function of your cells. There have been experiments with identical twins in mice, both having exactly the same DNA, that were fed different diets. One mouse grew shiny brown fur and was skinny. The other grew light gold fur and was fat and sickly. The only difference between the two mice was in what they ate.”

This point is one to give pause for deep consideration, so I will end this post with it.  It is this kernel of truth that emerged out of the fascinating work of world renown Cellular Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton.  Click on his name below when you have 35 minutes to relax and listen to this brilliant man as he tells his story of how he violated the central dogma that is the pillar of modern biomedicine.  This dogma is the concept, formulated by Francis Crick, co-founder along with Jim Watson of the DNA double helix molecule, that the flow of information in biology goes from DNA to RNA to protein, and since you body is made of protein, and protein is coded by the DNA in the cell, which carries your genetic heritage and fingerprint, your behavior is controlled by your genes, and you are a victim of your heredity past.  This is not the truth of the matter, but I’ll let Dr. Lipton tell his own story and leave you to your listening and learning pleasure . . . and with this prophetic pearl from Albert Einstein, who wrote: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.”

To your health and healing,

Dr. Tony Palombo

Video of  Dr. Bruce Lipton (35 min.)

Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

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Inner Ear Infection


Tony Pics for SA BookWhat a trip this has been!

Two weeks ago I woke up with a mounting pain in my left ear.  Within 12 hours I had a full-blown inner ear infection.  Two days later my right ear, no doubt feeling left out, got into the act as well and I practically lost my hearing altogether.  Wow!  I haven’t had an ear infection since childhood!  This one lasted about 10 days!  I ran a moderate fever and felt rotten the whole duration.   Not fun!

Staph & Virus

Thanks to my dear friend and partner, who is a wonderful and capable healer herself, we were able to determine very early what was going on.  With CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis), a form of muscle testing, the culprits were revealed: a staph bacterial infection accompanied by a virus.   So I went to work right away with a regimen of nutritional and herbal protocols, which, I’m here to report, worked quite well.   Supporting my immune alliance was really all that was needed.   So, I thought to share this experience with my blog readers may be helpful for others.

The Protocol: *

I took the following nutrients methodically for the duration of the infection and fever –  the daily dosage, spread out through the day, is the number inside the parentheses:

For the Staph:  Thymex (9), Thymus (6), Golden Seal (3 tabs), Spanish Black Radish (6), Echinacea Premium (3 tabs). 
For the Virus:  Immuplex (6), Congaplex (12), Cataplex E (6), St John’s Wort (3 tabs).
For fluid drainage:  Fen-Gre (10-16 per day), Antronex (6).
These nutrients and herbs are all Standard Process and Medi Herb products and are available through licensed health professionals.  The protocols for staph and virus listed here are good for all kinds of such infections (boils, carbuncles, styes). *
Note: Drink plenty of fluids and remember the old addage: “Feed a fever and starve a cold.”  There’s nothing like a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup when you’re in sickbay.  Healthy Choice puts out great soups.
Energy Healing
It’s very important to balance your energy fields when your body has a crisis such as this.  Again, my wife was able to share attunement with me to balance my endocrine system, and I sought out the services of a friend and colleague who does BEST (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique) here in the Denver area to clear any negative sub-conscious or conscious thoughts and feeling that may have been interfering with the flow of my eneregy.   What a huge difference these energy healing arts made in restoring my energetic clarity, balance and strength.
This cycle took 10 days, and there is good reason for it taking so long.  You see, it takes 7 days for the immune system to identify and tag a new foreign invader and then produce the antibodies to deal with it.  I say “new” because it only takes a day or so for the immune system to recognize an old pathogen, one that it has encountered before and learned how to deal with.  This is the wisdom and value of not administering antibiotics to children, or yourself, indiscriminately.  The young immune system becomes educated when allowed to deal with pathogens early on.   Apparently, what I encountered was a strain of bacteria and/or virus my body was not familiar with.  After 7 days, however, it began to go after the invaders and within 3 days the fever left and I began to feel the relief throughout my body.  Now, I’m working with the fluid in my inner ears, which is draining a little every day, thanks to the help of  Fen-Gre and Antronex, natural decongestant and antihistamine respectively.  
Health Alert!  
There’s a deadly fungus on the move.  Check this website out for more info … and watch the video at the bottom of the site.  Very shocking information about the drug industry.
So, next time you have an ear infection, have hope!  Call or email me for coaching and to obtain these nutrients.  I can have them drop-shipped to you within 2-3 days, and even overnight with a little more postage.  Better yet, order them now and put them in your medicine cabinet so you’ll have them when you need them. 
To your good health,
Dr. Tony Palombo 
(337) 802-5510 
*These products have not been approved by the FDA are not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases.