Inner Ear Infection


Tony Pics for SA BookWhat a trip this has been!

Two weeks ago I woke up with a mounting pain in my left ear.  Within 12 hours I had a full-blown inner ear infection.  Two days later my right ear, no doubt feeling left out, got into the act as well and I practically lost my hearing altogether.  Wow!  I haven’t had an ear infection since childhood!  This one lasted about 10 days!  I ran a moderate fever and felt rotten the whole duration.   Not fun!

Staph & Virus

Thanks to my dear friend and partner, who is a wonderful and capable healer herself, we were able to determine very early what was going on.  With CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis), a form of muscle testing, the culprits were revealed: a staph bacterial infection accompanied by a virus.   So I went to work right away with a regimen of nutritional and herbal protocols, which, I’m here to report, worked quite well.   Supporting my immune alliance was really all that was needed.   So, I thought to share this experience with my blog readers may be helpful for others.

The Protocol: *

I took the following nutrients methodically for the duration of the infection and fever –  the daily dosage, spread out through the day, is the number inside the parentheses:

For the Staph:  Thymex (9), Thymus (6), Golden Seal (3 tabs), Spanish Black Radish (6), Echinacea Premium (3 tabs). 
For the Virus:  Immuplex (6), Congaplex (12), Cataplex E (6), St John’s Wort (3 tabs).
For fluid drainage:  Fen-Gre (10-16 per day), Antronex (6).
These nutrients and herbs are all Standard Process and Medi Herb products and are available through licensed health professionals.  The protocols for staph and virus listed here are good for all kinds of such infections (boils, carbuncles, styes). *
Note: Drink plenty of fluids and remember the old addage: “Feed a fever and starve a cold.”  There’s nothing like a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup when you’re in sickbay.  Healthy Choice puts out great soups.
Energy Healing
It’s very important to balance your energy fields when your body has a crisis such as this.  Again, my wife was able to share attunement with me to balance my endocrine system, and I sought out the services of a friend and colleague who does BEST (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique) here in the Denver area to clear any negative sub-conscious or conscious thoughts and feeling that may have been interfering with the flow of my eneregy.   What a huge difference these energy healing arts made in restoring my energetic clarity, balance and strength.
This cycle took 10 days, and there is good reason for it taking so long.  You see, it takes 7 days for the immune system to identify and tag a new foreign invader and then produce the antibodies to deal with it.  I say “new” because it only takes a day or so for the immune system to recognize an old pathogen, one that it has encountered before and learned how to deal with.  This is the wisdom and value of not administering antibiotics to children, or yourself, indiscriminately.  The young immune system becomes educated when allowed to deal with pathogens early on.   Apparently, what I encountered was a strain of bacteria and/or virus my body was not familiar with.  After 7 days, however, it began to go after the invaders and within 3 days the fever left and I began to feel the relief throughout my body.  Now, I’m working with the fluid in my inner ears, which is draining a little every day, thanks to the help of  Fen-Gre and Antronex, natural decongestant and antihistamine respectively.  
Health Alert!  
There’s a deadly fungus on the move.  Check this website out for more info … and watch the video at the bottom of the site.  Very shocking information about the drug industry.
So, next time you have an ear infection, have hope!  Call or email me for coaching and to obtain these nutrients.  I can have them drop-shipped to you within 2-3 days, and even overnight with a little more postage.  Better yet, order them now and put them in your medicine cabinet so you’ll have them when you need them. 
To your good health,
Dr. Tony Palombo 
(337) 802-5510 
*These products have not been approved by the FDA are not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases.



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