Drugs Dare Not Cure Anything

This former drug sales rep says it better than I ever could. Pharma doesn’t want to cure any disease.  It doesn’t dare to.  Business is just too good.  Listen to what Gwen Olson, a 15-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, among the “best of the best” in her field, has to say about the truth of what the drug industry is up to.


We will continue this revolutionary topic in my next post, looking a alternative options and sharing some insightful thoughts on changing perception and consciousness.  Until then,

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Body-mind and Nutrition


Tony Pics for SA BookMind and body are inseparable until death.   The human mind arises from the physical body and vanishes with it.  The health of the mind, then, is directly related to the health of the physical body, particularly the health of the brain.  A child, for instance, diagnosed with an attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), or attention deficit disorder (ADD), may well be simply undernourished, or consuming too much sugar.

Sugar and the Brain

The brain and central nervous system run on sugar.  But not the kind of sugar found in candy and soft drinks.  The sugar the brain needs is called glycogen and is made in the liver.  Supplementing with inositol will stimulate liver production of glycogen.   Ironically, the process of making  glycogen in the liver is compromised with the intake of too much dietary sugar from candy and soft drinks.  High fructose corn syrup/sugar is probably the biggest offender simply by reason of the prevalence of it in processed foods.  It’s everywhere in our foods and beverages making our children fat and unable to process sugar at all.  It should be outlawed.  


The problem with ADD is one of focus and concentration.  I’ve treated many children with ADD over the years and all of them responded favorably to inositol supplementation, often the next day.  They were able to get off Ritalin.  They were able to focus and concentrate on their lessons.

Ritalin is speed.  It’s a drug.  We are teaching our children to solve their problems with drugs.  What a horrible disservice, to say the least.   I’ve heard reputable psychiatrists say on television that more children needed to be put on Ritalin.  They should have their licenses revoked, and Ritalin should be forbidden to be given to children.  There’s a natural way to correct the cause of attention deficit and hyperactive disorders.

The problem with ADHD is one of poor nutrition and chronic stress.  The brain is simply starving to death and does not have the energy to turn itself off at night.  It runs all night and all day at breakneck speed.  I’ve treated many ADHD children with wholefood nutrition supplementation with favorable results.  Feed the brain with wholesome nourishment and it will perform like a Swiss watch.

Adrenal fatigue brought on by chronic stress can also cause ADD.  With chronic stress, the adrenal glands become exhausted and fail to produce sufficient adrenalin for the cells of the brain to function, even to retire for the night.   Every cell of the body needs adrenalin in order to function at all.  Waking up in the morning feeling exhausted is a classic symptom of adrenal fatigue caused by chronic stress.

Simply supporting the adrenal glands with therapeutic wholefood supplements and herbs will bring favorable results, often overnight.  Of course, the chronic stress needs to be dealt with in order to address the cause.  There are excellent herbal preparations now available that help us adapt more easily to change and environmental stress.

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Drug and Vaccine Alerts!

I have been warning my HealthLight readers about the dangers of taking osteoporosis drugs, such as Fosamax, for over a decade.  Now the facts are out for all to read.  Bisphosphonates (Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva) cause brittle bones that fracture without cause.

Dr. Joe Mercola has been a reliable source of vital information relating to health and medicine.  I strongly advise you to go to his website http://articles.mercola.com/sites/current.aspx and read his current articles. They will blow your mind!

One is on the recent release of data relating to osteoporosis drugs and how they “kill” bone-regenerating cells (osteoblasts), causing femur bone fractures and in some cases causing the jaw bone to “rot and decay” in young women in their 50’s who have been taking Fosamax for “osteopenia” which is NOT a disease but normal in older women.

Another article is about the recent FDA shut down of a common infant vaccine due to animal virus DNA contamination.  Listen to the entire interview of Barbara Fisher by Dr. Mercola if you want to know the facts you will need to make an informed choice in your children’s health care.

Also read the article on how PepsiCo is “ditching” high fructose corn syrup due to startling research on how it’s contributing to juvenile obesity and a host of other diseases.  Raw sugar is better!

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