The Mechanics of Your Biology: Bruce Lipton

Enjoy Dr. Bruce Lipton . . . while learning about your biology.

Here’s to your health!

Dr. Anthony Palombo, D.C.

One thought on “The Mechanics of Your Biology: Bruce Lipton

  1. Jerry Kvasnicka says:

    I very much admire Bruce Lipton and his straight-forward yet novel way of presenting the Truth. Stress is indeed the culprit and staying centered in the Transcendent Being that I am is the solution, not just for me but for the world I center.

    I must admit, however, that the current Russian invasion of Ukraine has produced stress in the world pattern that I have been feeling in my own heart, mind and body. It is indeed something of a challenge to maintain a stress-free internal environment when there is so much turbulence and disintegration in the external environment on earth.

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