The Heart Knows Best

    Welcome to Lifting Tones, my newest blog.  My name is Dr. Anthony Palombo.  I am a retired chiropractor and alternative healthcare practitioner from Louisiana up here with my wife to be with the grandchildren and to enjoy the Rocky Mountains and the blue Colorado skies.  I finally left the confines of the office after 43 years.  I continue to offer my expertise in clinical nutrition as a health coach.  If you wish to consult with me, send me an email at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  There is not a single health condition that would not benefit from nutritional and herbal therapies.  

The sacred healing art of Attunement has held my deepest interest over the years, and I continue to offer this service when and where there is a need and a request, even long-distance.  To set aside a time for sharing attunement long-distance, simply drop me an email with your telephone number and I will call you.  I love doing this kind of sacred energy healing more than anything else.  I have learned the benefit of using sound in my healing  work as well and teach a workshop intensive in Attunement with Sacred Sound.  You can visit my website for more information. My website is .

To visit my first blog, go to:

Special request:   Please go to and vote for my book, Sacred Anatomy-where spirit and flesh dance in the fire of creation.  Your vote will help greatly in moving my book toward a plublishing contract with Hampton Rhodes Publishing and getting this important message out to the world.  Thank you, and thanks for asking your friends to vote for me as well. 

Now to the main purpose of this new blog (which I invite you to subscribe to and follow).   During the last fifteen years of my professional carreer, I published a newsletter.  HealthLight was its name, and it was true to its name as a beacon of light shining upon a path to health and wholeness which I myself traversed for many years; still do.  It isn’t the traditional path of healthy diet and vigorous exercise – although it included a moderate amount of such essential ingredients.  My philosophy has always been:  eat for your heart’s  health eighty percent of the time and for your soul’s health twenty percent.  “Soul food” is often more beneficial than “health food.”   It is rather an internal path based more on spiritual values and perspectives than on physical values – more a spirit-based model of healing and wholeness (body-mind-spirit) than a medcal model of “fixing” health problems and issues.

Several fans of my newsletter have asked me – since I stopped publishing it when I retired two years ago – to bring it back, or at lease make some of the best and most inspiring and educational article available on the web.   So, what better way, I thought, than via a blog?! 

Now I need to do a little digging through my filing cabinet back home in Louisiana, and see what I have saved on CD’s, before I start sharing these morsels of wisdom with you . . . but I will do it.  So bear with me . . . and follow me.  (I like that word  “follow” we bloggers use, although I encourage my fans to follow no one but their own heart and gut.) 

Perhaps this little morsel of wisdom from one of my last newsletter will give you enough food for thought and meditation while I compose my next post.  Here it is.  Read it deeply –  with your heart as well as with your mind.

“No, you’re not going crazy.  Life is intensifying.  You’re simply going through transformation — from being ‘only human’ to discovering your divinity — from a state of needing to understand with your mind to one of knowing in your heart.  The heart knows and understands.  Listen to your heart. Welcome change.  Enjoy the mystery of life. Live well!”

Take care of your heart.  Till I see you again,

Dr. Anthony Palombo

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