Your Teeth are Alive!

Tony Pics for SA BookA colleague of mine was in pain with a toothache the other day so I asked her to let me muscle test her to see what her body had to say about its tooth that was aching.  She, of course, was glad that I asked, so I did a CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis) test to see what was going on.  Well, there was an infection in the tooth and a lack of nourishment.  The tooth simply was not healthy enough to handle the infection on its own.  I put her on a wholefood supplement and next day her toothache, much to her surprise, was gone!   “How did you do that?!” she exclaimed.  Well, to start with, I didn’t “do” anything except give her wholefood supplements to support her body’s immune system and to feed her teeth.  Her body did it all on its own.  Her body healed itself.

Cavities fill themselves

As I explained to her, teeth are alive!  They are living tissues.  They heal and repair themselves just like any other tissue in the body.  Give them enough nourishment and they will even fill their own cavities.  “They will?!” she asked astonishingly. Of course they will.  Cells replicate to fill the void when their neighbors die . . . actually they commit “programmed suicide,” a dying process called “apoptosis” whereby the cell dismantles itself when it can no longer repair itself.  Their neighboring cells replicate to fill the vacancy.  Amazing, isn’t it!  It’s called thehealing process (click on it to read earlier articles in my blog on the life of the cell). The teeth cells are no exception.  Give them nutritional support and watch them heal and thrive. (Email me for more information and supplement recommendation.)

Reduce your dental bill!

Order the supplements needed to heal teeth and prevent decay today and give some to your children.  Feed their teeth and keep sugar away form them.  The gums bathe the teeth with anti-bacterial fluid 24/7.  But that fluid stops flowing the moment sugar is present in the mouth.  Candy should be forbidden for children, and yet we give them tons of it on Halloween in their treat bags!  How about tricking the kids and give them some fruits and nuts instead of candy?

There is no tissue in the human body that will not benefit from therapeutic wholefood supplementation.  Your teeth are alive and need nourishment just like any other living tissue.

To your health and healing,

Dr. Palombo

Email me for supplement information and to place an order: 

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65 thoughts on “Your Teeth are Alive!

  1. John says:

    I like this article…. Where do you buy the bio-dent and how many a day. Thanks…

    • Hi John, and thanks for your inquiry. Bio-Dent is available through many licensed alternative practitioner, such as chiropractors. I can mail a bottle to you or have it drop-shipped from Standard Process in Palmyra, Wisconsin. A 330 count bottle sells for $31 + S&H. An 800 count bottle for $65 + S&H. About dosage: for acute symptoms (toothache, etc.) you can take a therapeutic dose of 10/day until the acute problem is abated. Maintenance dosages range from 3/day up to 6/day depending on the health of the teeth. This is a whole food preparation, which means it is high concentration of whole food essences, not “high potency” as commercially processed vitamins are. Drop me an email if you want to order from me.
      Thanks again for your inquiry.
      Dr. Palombo

      • Morpheus says:


        I contacted you on the email you provided here because I wanted to order some Standard Process Bio-Dent but I received no reply. Do you ship to the UK? if so, how much?

  2. Erin says:

    Hello! I have a two year old that has severe enamel issues and decay on her top teeth that started around 12 months. She was not eating processes foods or sugar and was 100 percent breastfed. My first child never had this issue. No matter what I do it is getting worse. I ordered biodent and was wondering what a safe dosage is to try to heal her teeth to remunerative. I am not interested in traditional dentistry at this point! Thanks

    • Hello Erin,
      It sounds like your child has a mineral deficiency, particularly calcium. Bio-Dent (3/day) would certainly help. I would suspect a pH imbalance, perhaps an acid pH in the mouth. Litnus paper would tell you. You can purchase that at any drug store. Just tear off about a 2 inch piece and place it in her mouth for a few seconds to saturate it with saliva. Compare the color with the color chart on the dispenser. I would suggest that you start her on apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s) and honey water. In about 4 ounces of water stir in 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey. Give it to her throughout the day every day. Please keep me posted on her status. Thanks for inquiring. My best to you both, Dr.Palombo

  3. thank you! i will try this. Just out of curiosity, have you seen a child’s teeth remineralize or heal without traditional intervention? I’m just hoping we can save them to the best of my ability until they fall out naturally, but that seems so far away:(

    • Just a review of dental caries: this is a breakdown of the hard enamel, the most common cause being bacterial infection. You might start using a drop or two of grapefruit seed oil extract on her toothbrush before applying her toothpaste to the brush. A colloidial silver and tee tree oil solution could also be used. I have such in my inventory and could send a bottle to you. Dr. Palombo

  4. facebook says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

  5. Jimmy says:

    Dr. Palombo thanks for the articles I enjoy reading them.

  6. Millie says:

    Green Pasture’s high vitamin butter oil and fermented fish oil are also good. I have known elementary school age kids to get improvement from these.
    Thanks for the info on biodent- this sounds great!

  7. Han says:

    Hi! I founded out that i have to tini tiny cavity on my wisdom tooths, does oil pulling heals cavities or i have to eat raw milk, bone broth,….(much more) to heal them back?! Please reply, I’m only 14 and I’m scared that the doctor will take out my wisdom tooths 😥

    • Your teeth are your’s and to not belong to your dentist. Exercise your autonomy with the doc and insist that he not pull your wisdom tooth. If he insists, then find another dentist who will cooperate with you. My article speaks to the issue of cavities. I needn’t say more. Thanks for your inquiry.

  8. Sandi says:

    Thanks for this article! My son has 8 cavities and the dentist wants to fill 6 and do a pulpotomy and put caps on 2. I just started Biodent 3 weeks ago (2 tabs 3x a day) and Congaplex (1 capsule opened in unsweetened applesauce 3x a day). Is this dose enough? I really do NOT want to have to go the traditional dentist route! Thanks in advance!

    • If your son is 6 or older, you can give him up to 10 BioDent per day and 6 Congaplex until the cavities heal up. If he is under 6, 6 BioDent and 3 Congaplex is sufficient. Get him off sugar and brush his teeth with a drop of grapefruit oil extract behind the toothpaste. This will kill the bacteria that cause plaque.
      My best.
      Dr. Palombo

  9. Sandi says:

    Thank you so much for your reply! My son just turned 5, so I’ll stick with the dosage I am doing. Do you recommend staying away from all grains, beans, nuts and seeds as well or is eating them in moderation ok? Also 1 of his teeth is chipped and if the cavity is through the dentin could it still be healed? This is so frustrating since my son eats very well.

    • Whole grains are very beneficial foods, as are legumes, nuts and seeds for the essential fatty acids. I would recommend capping the chipped tooth. Keep in mind, however, that in a year or so he will be shedding his baby teeth and growing his adult teeth. So, the goal now, I suppose, would be to protect what he has to chew with now, but I wouldn’t put a whole lot of money into fixing baby teeth, except where there’s pain. Prevention with nutrition is the best protection, and will enhance the health of his adult teeth already pushing up underneath the baby teeth. To answer your last question, dentin is a natural part of the living dental tissue, so it can heal as long as the root is intact. Be patient with his growing process. Frustration on your part doesn’t help the healing and growing process.

      • Sandi says:

        Thank you so much (again) for your reply. My only fear with capping the tooth (it’s the 2nd to last molar which he wouldn’t be losing until he is 11 or 12) is that they want to do a pulpotomy (which I’ve heard is a baby root canal and is not recommended) and they would have to either put him under with conscious sedation or general anesthesia since he is traumatized from the dentist and won’t let them do the work. Would it be better to just extract the tooth but then I would still be looking at the same options to have them put him under? Also so you would recommend him still eating while grains and legumes and are natural sweeteners like honey and fruit ok? Thanks so much! You have no idea how helpful this is, since there are no holistic dentists in my area.

      • Sandi says:

        Also he chews/eats fine and says the tooth only hurts if he bites something really hard like a pretzel which we don’t give him anymore and hardly did give him. He only had them at school.

  10. Since the tooth doesn’t hurt except when he bites on something hard, and the tooth is not cracked or the pulp exposed, it will heal itself with a little help from BioDent. I do NOT recommend root canals or pulpotomies, which only open a door to future bacterial infections. Try the nutritional therapy for 3 months. It will take that long to heal up the cavities and rebuild the enamel. Yes, natural sweeteners and fruit are okay. White sugar is what stops the natural flow of fluid around the teeth which is continually flushing out foreign matter. That is until sugar is put into the mouth in a concentrated form, as in candy. My best to you in your endeavors to do the right and natural thing for your son.

    • Ryan says:

      Hello I was wondering about your experience with biodent repairing receding gums due to teeth grinding and/or receding due to brushing too hard. Also, you mentioned that biodent can heal enamel….how is this possible for adults considering adults no longer have ameloblasts present to produce enamel? Thank you.

      • Thanks for your comment and especially your keen observation and inquiry about enamel. I didn’t know about the absence of ameloblasts in adults. My response would be, who is to say what the Innate Intelligence of the body can and cannot do to repair and replace tooth enamel in the adult? If it can make teeth to start with, why can’t it make ameloblasts upon demand? I don’t put anything beyond the reach of Innate Intelligence. I love your inquiry, however, as it has given me pauses to consider the “unlimited possibilities” of divine creation.

      • Dear Ryan, to address your inquiry about receding gums, my experience with this condition has been positive using a protocol that includes 9 BioDent, 6 Calcium Lactate, 6 Cataplex ACP, and 3 Wheat Germ Oil Perles daily. All are Standard Process products. Herbs to enhance circulation and antioxidant protection by Medi-Herb are Vitanox and Bilberry.

  11. Ginger says:

    Dear Anthony: Do Biodent and Cataplex AC really work? Do you know anyone personally that had success with these products.
    Thank you from Ginger

    • Absolutely! I have many clients, including my family and myself, who would testify to its effectiveness. Of course, what “works” is the body’s own immune system and ability to heal and repair itself. THAT’S what “works.” The nutrients merely supply the body with what it needs to do its work. Thanks for your inquiry.
      Dr. P

      • Concerned Mom says:

        My 3 year old daughter recently had a bad fall from a bike and the dentist is recomending an extraction of her two front teeth. She has a root fracture with mobility, and now has a crossbite. He is concerned an infection/abscesses may arise. She is in no pain unless the dentist pushes on her teeth. I’m also concerned but I rather save her teeth. She now brushes her tooth more often and water piks and I also dip her toothbrush in cocunut oil along with toothpaste and I recently ordered Biodent. What are your thoughts on this?

        r teeth not in the correct position. She is in no pain and I

      • Thank you for your inquiry. A root fracture with mobility is not likely to heal, even with BioDent. Keeping infection at bay is one option. Teeth have a natural flow of fluid around them which flushes out food particles and bacteria. Sugar in the mouth stops this flow. So you want to eliminate candy and sugary treats from her diet. Another good anti-bacterial solution besides coconut oil can be found in grapefruit seed oil extract. A drop on her toothbrush before applying paste would help keep bacteria from forming plaque. Extraction is, of course, the surest prevention against infection.
        The crossbite may be caused by a mandible subluxation (bottom jaw bone). A chiropractor could determine if it’s out and correct it.

      • Concerned Mom says:

        Thank you so much for your reply and recommendations. My daughter had a CT scan and she did not crack her jaw. With that being said can a chriopractor still help with her crossbite/sublaxtion of the jaw?

  12. Yes. There’s a simple muscle test a chiropractor can perform to rule out a subluxated mandible. Then he can simply adjust it back in place. My best to you both.

  13. Nancy says:

    Hi! Great article. Thank you. What do you recommend if I believe I have infections in my teeth (I have 1 root canal for 10+ years, plus several cavities that were filled when I was a kid), but my dentist assures me there is no infection. It tingles when I brush on one side of my mouth and hurts on the other side a little when I bite foods that are hard. Is there anyway to leave the root canal alone, make sure my mouth doesn’t get any bacteria from old cavities that were filled, and make sure there is no infection that comes from my teeth to the rest of my body? I am doing the grape seed oil extract, with non-flouride toothpaste, Bio-Dent (10 per day) and I do oil pulling at least 4 times a week. I’m 34 years old and I have eliminated all sugar from my diet, other than what is in carrots, beets and a few other veggies. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Nancy, and thank you for your inquiry. It seems you are doing everything you can for your teeth. I commend you for your diligence. Your dentist is the best source for answers to your questions about tingling while brushing and pain when biting hard things. I have no clue about causes. Unless you are dealing with a teeth and gum issue, 3 BioDent per day is ample for maintenance. There is a very good product called “Tri-Guard Plus” put out by Oxygen Nutrition for neutralizing harmful bacteria. It is formulated with colloidal silver, tea tree oil and olive leaf extract. Much sweeter taste than grapefruit seed oil, which is bitter, as you know. You can use it the same way. 10 drops in a little water once a week would probably be sufficient preventive dosage. Gargle with it before swallowing. I would leave the root canals alone. The most important thing you can do is to maintain a positive attitude of gratitude. Fear of infection or anything harmful happening weakens your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to what you fear. I hope this helps. My best to you in your good health strides. ~ Dr. Palombo

  14. Hey, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, wonderful

  15. Very good blog post. I certainly love this site. Keep it up!

  16. Brisa says:

    Thank you for your interesting article.
    I wonder if Bio-dent can eliminate tooth sensitivity on a molar that has suffered gum recession, for having a metal band to hold bracketsdurante over two years?. I also have widespread tooth sensitivity and teeth darkened by taking many tetracyclines when I was a child. Moreover, dentists have explained to me that the gums decrease, a little more visible in front teeth, is due to a lost of bone.
    Can Bio-dent fix that as well, or improve it?
    Is there any way to get Bio-dent in Spain?
    I will continue reading other articles of your blog!

    • Brisa says:

      hi, I am Brisa again… Maybe you did not see my comment and my questions? I would like your opinion … Thank you very much.

      • Hi Brisa, sorry for the delay in answering your inquiry.

        In the case of receding gums, calcium is needed in therapeutic dosages for a year – 1000 mg per day.
        I recommend calcium lactate or calcium citrate, the most readily available forms of calcium for the body’s use. You can get these locally. To that add raw bone meal. Bio-Dent will help repair your teeth, but you will have to add some inositol to rebuild nerve sheaths that were damaged or destroyed by the tetracyclines and Vitamin P (part of the C Complex) to strengthen the gums and nerves.

        Concerning shipment to Spain, the postage will be upwards of $30, depending on the weight. I will be happy to send you a supply of products for 90 days at a time to make it worth the cost of postage. Let me know if you would like me to do this.
        Thanks for you inquiry and for following my blog.

  17. Morpheus says:

    Great article! I’m fed up of teeth being viewed as seperate to the body and effectively dead. Nice to see them viewed for what they are, living!

    If you haven’t already done so, you might be interested in reading about low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) tooth healing. Scientists used sound to massage roots to promote growth, very interesting stuff.

    • Thanks for your comment, and for the tip about LIPUS. I use low frequency pulse “infrasound” therapy for pain relief and muscle tension release. The body can’t adjust to the random frequencies as it can and does with ultrasound. I’ll have to look into LIPUS. Again, thanks.

  18. Brisa says:

    Many thanks Dr. Palombo.
    I still have some doubts concerning the effect of Bio-Dent (which I thought was an amazing discovery, I am delighted to have known there!) and calcium supplements.
    What could be the effect on teeth that have been filled or rebuilt in part, by dentists? Can break or deform the part “repaired” by the dentist, due to the natural growth of the tooth?
    And, in other bones, will the body be able to put on and take calcium (and other “materials” provided by taking mineral complements) only there where needed? (I am taking magnesium in part because a practician said to me that it help remove excessive calcifications, plus i have read about the great improve for other things as in the “emotional” balance).

    Too bad we’re that far, but I will send a private message so that you can report to me about supplements prices and your fees for advice a distance.

    (The problem with shipments to Spain seems to be when the size exceeds 1.8 kg or the price goes from $ 80. Then the package can be retained in customs, and have to pay high taxes and fees (ever happened to me when I ordered a big pot of coconut oil). At least thes are the limits explained in detail in a good American website where I buy frequently, since in Spain supplements are very expensive).

    Thank you very much again for your answers and publications (And sorry for my little English!)

  19. Retno D says:

    Dear Dr. Palombo, you suggest to drink dilluted apple cider vinegar with water and honey for imbalance pH in the mouth. Will the apple cider vinegar do harm for the enamel of tooth? I heard that apple cider vinegar is not good for tooth enamel. Thanks!

    • Apple cider vinegar will not harm the enamel of the teeth. Vinegar and honey are known balancing agents for body pH. What you “heard” is not accurate. You’re welcome.

    • Morpheus says:

      What are your thoughts on this? I swished with (Christopher’s Original Formulas, Complete Tissue & Bone massage oil) for 20 minutes one day, 20 minutes the next and then held this in my mouth for 2 hours the next day and I’m starting to notice the rebuilding of enamel.

      A small chip in my front tooth that has been there for years seems to be starting to fill in as well (the fill in looks slightly different and imperfect but is solid). There is a tiny white very thin layer of solid material appearing in some areas that cannot be scraped away. The herbal blend I swished had the following ingredients and is not even designed for dental use!

      wildcrafted white oak bark, comfrey root, wildcrafted mullein leaf, wildcrafted black walnut leaf, wildcrafted marshmallow root, wildcrafted gravel root, wildcrafted wormwood herb, wildcrafted lobelia herb, & wildcrafted skullcap herb in a base of pure extra virgin olive oil & wheat germ oil.

      Do you recognise any of those ingredients to likely be beneficial for tooth health? Someone said they healed a cavity in 2 weeks with it but it was with their kid.

      I also supplement with collagen, fermented cod liver oil with high vitamin butter oil, sea salt, Iodine, magnesium, vitamin C, eat plenty of steamed vegetables, get enough calcium, mineral water and I drink Garden Of Life Perfect food original and Vitamineral Green sometimes. I also do jaw excercises using rubber tree resin sometimes.

      Some areas of worn enamel have risen bumps now that are lighter and the enamel seems harder. Also people are telling me that a chipped tooth cannot heal and that it is physically impossible. I know Ive healed a cavity so this has given me a different belief.

  20. Paula says:

    Hi Dr. Palombo,
    Six months ago, my dentist decided she should replace this old amalgam filling I had and unfortunately I let her do it. She drilled too deep and hurt the pulp, after suffering terrible pain, I went to another dentist who tested my tooth and said it wasn’t infected, just inflamed and that I would need a root canal. I most definitely don’t want to have this procedure and started trying everything I found online. My naturopathic doctor recommended me 9 biodent a day and after 4 days I already feel a small improvement. I also do oil pulling 15 min twice a day. What else could I do to heal my pulp? Thanks in advance , Dr. Palombo, please help me save my tooth! 🙂
    P.s.: I have a temporary fiiling on the tooth now.

    • Dear Paula, thank you for your comment and especially for your testimony. Bio-Dent has all the nutrients the teeth need to heal and repair themselves. The only thing I would add would be Calcium Lactate and Cataplex ACP by Standard Process – 6/day of each. Give the healing and repair process time to work full cycle. It may take several weeks. I would stay on a therapeutic regimen for 90 days before reducing the dosages to maintenance level. I applaud your efforts to go the natural route. Keep the faith!

  21. ShadowLady says:

    Hello Dr. Palombo,

    I recently purchased Bio-Dent and began taking 10 tablets per day since last Friday. Is that sufficient to settle a tooth infection and sensitive teeth that may or may not be caused by hidden decay?

    • Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, 10 Bio-Dent per day is an adequate dosage for healing a tooth cavity. However, where there is infection, the immune system could be supported with Cataplex AC (12 per day) until the infection clears up. Cataplex AC is a SP product.
      Dr. Palombo

      • ShadowLady says:

        Thank you so much for your reply.

        How long should I use the Bio-Dent? Until the pain ceases? So far, my gums are looking more pink and the pain is lessening, but still hard to drink cooler or hotter water. I haven’t been able to chew on that side for the better part of a year, where the sensitivity is. Ironically, the side with the infection is the one I can chew on without much issue.

        I have been using many different supplements and doing several home remedies to keep this infection low. I first noticed it back in June of 2012 and it has never fully left me. I refuse to do a root canal or have it pulled. I am hoping if I maintain a religious set of healthy habits and aid those with proper supplementation, that the infection will heal…and hopefully for good! This is my first and only infection and I know it was caused by a shoddy filling that was drilled too deeply and likely didn’t even need to be done.

        I had a white composite filling put in this tooth when the dentist who did it wasn’t even positive that I had a real cavity there. Then that gave me issues with the nerve when I had further complications with not tolerating that type of filling and him not getting my bite right and having to drill it more than once to fix it. Then I ended up supposedly needing it redone and that took about 4-5 months to calm down, nerve-wise.

        The time of that last filling was when I was told that I only needed a filling by the stand-in dentist and then a root canal by the dentist who was to do the filing…and that dentist pushed for me to do a root canal, but I refused. So he begrudgingly did the filling in white composite again and pretty much guaranteed me that I would be back for a root canal…almost as if he had intentionally over-drilled it to make that so.

        Just a big mess. And I think a lot of screw-ups on the parts of the dentists who did work on that tooth. I pray I can get this infection to finally repair and heal completely.

  22. Marooe says:

    Hello. I was wondering if this acutely works. Do you have evidence or is it based only on theory? I have 4 cavities all are in my different parts of my mouth and hate going to my dentists. Recently started oil pulling and have seen results in the bright was of teeth. Just don’t want to waste money on bio dent if it doesn’t work

    • Thank you for your inquiry. I totally understand. What more can I say than what I said in the article? “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Venture forth, dear reader, and trust your God-given healing power. Your teeth are alive. They heal. Give them what they need to heal and repair: Bio-Dent.

  23. Dianne Craft says:

    I love this information. It is so hopeful. Thank you so much.

  24. Amy says:

    Hi, Is there something that you would recommend for bone loss?

  25. mona says:

    Due to an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s since at least 11 years, I am 29 now) it seems my teeth are de-mineralizing and cracking :-(. I had to have two root canals pulled this past year (luckily my only root-canals) and just two days ago, had another tooth extracted due to hairline fracture – I had tried to save it with natural means and nutrition for several months, but when the pain got worse, I decided I just was not getting to the “root” of it (pun intended). I have a few more molars that seem to be sensitive to crunchy foods such as granola, nuts or toasts – no big flllings in any of them (and no amalgam anywhere in my mouth), so I am really trying to save my remaining teeth. Loosing three teeth as a 29 year old female has left me traumatized and feeling like I have no control over my body. Just wanting to see if you may want to give me some valuable input – I am open to anything, really, and have already done so much research. What I am doing atm is taking high quality vit and mineral supplements, swishing with coconut oil, taking cod liver oil, butter oil, drinking Kombucha, avoiding all processed foods and sweeteners… but somehow, I must be missing something here because it seems I am still not getting anywhere. While I have not have any new cavities form in the past years, my teeth seem brittle and easy to crack – I may say that I used to get fluoride treatments plus tablets excessively as a young child in Germany, which may have weakened my teeth? Wondering if BioDent may be worth a shot – and if the nutrients/minerals are easily absorbed by people with autoimmune diseases and gut-issues, such as leaky gut etc.
    I am so sorry for this lengthy post – I am just soo much wanting to get better – I have been dealing with dental pain, TMJ pain etc. for two years non-stop now and am ready to get better! I feel like I am loosing my bodyparts, and I am still so young…

    • Hello Mona and thanks for your inquiry. With Hashimoto’s Disease, there is more going on here than dental issues. You have an underlying thyroid condition that’s causal to your dental condition. In order to successfully treat your teeth, you would necessarily have to heal your thyroid condition. This can be facilitated by nutritional therapy. If you want to pursue this approach, then I would invite you to write me at to set up a consultation. Thanks, again, for writing. Dr. Palombo

  26. Nannette says:

    I was eating a hard nut and my tooth broke off. Went to the dentist and they put in a large amount of mercury filling. Should I try and get this removed, if so what should it be filled with? What is good for receding gums, the dentist said I will lose my teeth. scary.

    • Thanks for your inquiry, Nannette. Bummer. Yes, have the mercury filling removed by someone who knows how to remove it without releasing mercury vapor into your body. Ask around. The hole can be filled with white ceramic. For the receding gums, here’s a protocol: 9 Bio-Dent, 6 Calcium Lactate, 6 Cataplex ACP 3 Wheat Germ Fortified per day until gums advance sufficiently. Products are by Standard Process. Let me know if you want to take these supplements and I will have a 90-day supply drop-shipped to you.

      My best to you,

      Dr. Palombo

  27. Stephanie Arnett says:

    Hi. I loved all the comments, especially because one of the ladies with a two year old with enamel loss was basically just like my story with my daughter who is two and a half. She loves bovine organ capsules and I give her two of those along with a little vitamin c and she also gets biodent 5 tablets a day. She loves them. I have a question about myself though… I have a tooth missing the center of it and I have no idea when it happened but there is a cavity in there that I keep clean with a water oil and oil pulling. I started taking the therapeutic dose of biodent at 10 a day (my naturopath said it was totally fine) and the tooth sensitivity is gone now and I also take olive leaf extract to ensure an infection is not there. But I am 4 months pregnant and wanted to make sure I’m doing all I can to help my tooth stay infection free and possibly heal as much as it could before I see a dentist. Is this even possible? Any other suggestions? We drink raw milk too.

    • Dear Stephanie, congratulations on your pregnancy! and thank you for your comment and inquiry about your tooth. I think keeping it clean with oil pulling and a water pic is the first step. For insurance against bacterial infection, you could use a colloidal silver solution as a gargle and mouthwash. It’s safe for the embryo also. Oxygen Nutrition puts out a great product called “Tri-Guard Plus” that I use with my clients. It is a liquid preparation made of Colloidal silver, Tee Tree Oil and Olive Leaf Extract. You can order it online from the company, or I could mail a bottle to you. You can also simply put a few drops on your toothbrush under the toothpaste and brush with it. It will also kill the bacteria that causes dental plaque. I hope this answers your questions adequately. My best to you in your pregnancy and delivery of you new little angel.

      • Stephanie Arnett says:

        Are you saying to take the triguard internally as well as on my tooth brush?? If so how much would you say to take? Also how many biodent would you recommend I take? I know calcium needs are much higher while pregnant on top of trying to get more to my teeth as I must have been deficient in nutrients for teeth

  28. suzanne sanger says:

    Hi there
    Found this awhile back and need to reach out for some help, please
    I have a four yr old who we found she had cavities at two and I’ve been trying to support her without big procedures- I believe in our bodies but need some guidance. She eats well, and we use fish oil, emu and other nutritionally dense foods.
    At the same time I had gum issues and found out that I lost bone jaw- at that time we were bursting and living at 10, 000ft in a remote cabin. Also she did have hand foot and mouth about six months Before I found the cavities

    Anyway, how much biodent should I give her? Also, I use silver on her teeth and essential oils but how does silver affect the biome? What about probiotics?

    Also should I take the biodent as well for receding gums and bone loss in jaw


  29. Bruce Horn says:

    Any danger for increased risk of kidney stones by using BioDent ?

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