Artic Ruby Oil & Fat Reduction

My Chorale Pic“It’s hard to imagine that one the of the world’s most serious health problems, visceral (gut) fat, (dubbed the killing fat because of its association with heart disease and diabetes) can be reduced, if not eliminated, by simply ingesting a small amount of oil extracted from a tiny sea organism Calanus finmarchicus found off the coast of Norway,—a sea organism whose phenomenal health benefits lay dormant, actually ignored by leading scientists, until a Norwegian outlier, Dr. Jan Raa, decided to look deeper.”

We now have Artic Ruby Oil in stock at the clinic.  Listen to this video for more information. This is a very promising nutritional supplement.

Dr. Anthony Palombo

(337) 802-5510

2 thoughts on “Artic Ruby Oil & Fat Reduction

  1. Nancy Rathlou says:

    Hi Tony, I really appreciate this information! Pretty sure I’m dealing with that visceral gut fat 😦 and would love to order some Arctic Ruby Oil from you. How o I go about that? A very merry Christmas to you and Bonnie. Whew! What a year!! Paul and I are staying home and quiet, counting our blessings. Your names are certainly in that list. Sending love xoxo


    • Hello Nancy, and Merry Christmas to you and Paul. I will send you a 30-day supply and will also send you a link so you can order it directly from IMMUNOCORP in California. Yes, we are blessed to have one another as friends. Bonnie and I certainly cherish you and Paul. I see that you guys are having a genuine winter. We’re in short sleeves down here with warm and balmy weather. Love to you both, Tony

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