Liftingtones seemed an appropriate name for my newest blog, as it represents my intent to offer insights and perspectives that are uplifting, clarifying and encouraging, even inspiring.   Over the 12 years of publishing my newsletter HealthLight it became apparent to me that I had something more to offer to my patients and clients than mere help in fixing their broken health patterns.  I tapped into a reservoir of wisdom within my heart that to this day keeps on giving up its gifts to share with others.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy serving  them up.

I turn 70 this month and anticipate this will be a decade of fulfilment of my life’s work as a healer, now as an elder with wisdom to share.  Thanks for receiving graciously.    I would welcome other elders to join me in a Wisdom Circle,  perhaps on Facebook or some similar venure.   Anyone interested?


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Dr. Palombo,

    I am treating my wife for GERD. This is causing her to have a dry chronic cough. The doctor wants her to be on Zantac for ever. There has to ba an alternative. Please let me know what to get for her.

    Thank you,
    John R. Winn, DC

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