Drug and Vaccine Alert


    I’ve been warning my HealthLight readers and clients about the dangers of taking osteoporosis drugs, such as Fosamax.  Now the facts are out for all to read.

Dr. Joe Mercola has been a very reliable source of information relating to health matters, and I highly recommend that you go to his website and read his current articles.  One is about Fosamax and how it “kills” your bone-generating cells (osteoblasts), and how “osteopenia” is NOT a disease but is normal in the elderly.

Another is about the FDA “shutting down” a common infant vaccine due to contamination by animal virus DNA. 

Also read how PepsiCo is taking high fructose corn syrup out of Gatorade due to its contribution to juvenile obesity and a number of other illnesses. 

Dr. Mercola’s website is http://articles.mercola.com/sites/current.aspx

Scroll down to the bottom on the articles and read some very excellent tips on how to care for your bones.  Good stuff!  And if you want some professional guidance, along with whole-food nutritional supplements that work to reverse osteoporosis,  drop me an email at tpal70@gmail.com

And remember . . . All U need is love!  

Dr. Tony Palombo

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