My Letter to President Biden

I encourage my readers to write a letter to President Joseph Biden and ask him to reverse his decree to eliminate Dr. Joseph Mercola from the web and from social media, along with 11 other leaders in the natural healthcare field.  Here’s my letter:


President Joseph Biden

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500


Dear President Biden:

I voted for you because I liked your demeanor and compassionate spirit, and the way you served as Vice President under President Obama. Today I’m having second thoughts and doubts about your allegiance to Americans.

You see, I just put in 55 years serving the sick of my area here in Louisiana with natural health care through Chiropractic and Clinical Nutrition.  I have been a devotee of Dr. Joseph Mercola for many of those years in the healthcare arena and trenches.  But today you have called for his elimination from the web and social media, along with 11 other natural healthcare news leaders who have helped tens-of-millions of American citizens over the past several decades with their healthcare and maintenance. Your reason smacks of allegiance to Dark Money and Big Pharma.  In so doing you have failed and betrayed the very people who believe in you and voted for you along with every citizen of America.

I implore you to reverse this decree and reinstate these twelve leaders in the field of alternative, natural healthcare, as essential providers of vital health information that millions of us depend on in making informed decisions about our health.

Of course their “narrative” is different than Dr. Fauci’s and Big Pharma’s narrative on the Covid-19 pandemic, and rightly so!  What did you expect?! They serve the “health” needs of American, whereas Medical Science’s reductionist approach deals strictly with disease-management via toxic chemicals. We are the most drug-dependent nation in the world, making the pharmaceutical industrial complex filthy rich. Is that whom you serve?

Call off the dogs, President Biden. Your oath of office is to serve the American people, not Dark Money and the drug cartel.  Don’t let millions of Americans down.  We believed in you when we voted for you.  But Donald Trump is beginning to look like a better alternative, the lesser of two evils. He would not have done what you did today.

Very disappointed,

Anthony Joseph Palombo, D.C.