Cell Phones and Your Brain — An Update

My Chorale PicWell, the latest on cell phones and their negative impact on health, specifically the health of your brain, has been published recently. I’ll not burden you with a lot of reading but simply post this website address for Wake Up World and YouTube video. You will find the video on the website as well.


This is important information. I hope you are more informed now about the dangers of cell phone usage.

Here’s to your health,

Anthony Palombo, DC

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2 thoughts on “Cell Phones and Your Brain — An Update

  1. Hi Anthony, I haven’t seen your video but I use a headphone plugged into the cell which can be in my pocket during the call.

  2. Paul Blythe says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I was made aware of the cell phones in Canada. I have a head-set to plug in and talk into a wire mic on the cord. Important post!

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