Mushroom Science and Cancer Cures

My Chorale PicI received this good news video on mushroom science and cancer cures from the mushroom guru himself, Paul Stamets. He helped his own aged mother cure herself of stage 4 breast cancer after her oncologist gave her little hope with chemotherapy alone. The doctor actually suggested she look up Turkey Tail mushrooms for their promising cure of  non-estrogen responsive breast cancer.  I’m impressed! Enjoy and spread the word.

Great story, yes? According to a publication of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, they’re doing research right now into empowering the human immune system to fight back and kill cancer cells with hopes of eliminating chemotherapy. I believe they are exploring “Myco-Medicinals”, specifically Turkey Tail mushrooms, for their immune-boosting properties. Promising research.  Stay tuned.

Here’s to your health,

Anthony Palombo, D.C.

P.S. Go to for more details about Myco-Medicinals.”

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2 thoughts on “Mushroom Science and Cancer Cures

  1. petetheplan says:

    Do you not consider how awful it would be to ‘cure’ cancer, without addressing and resolving the cause of cancer? There is no cure for cancer — thank God — for it is only an ill effect of an ill cause, and God’s One Law of cause-and-effect can be absolutely relied upon, as can God’s Love, God’s Truth and God’s Life; the freely-given qualities of God that we all have the privilege to share. Let us first therefore seek God’s Kingdom and righteousness, as our Lord commanded, and thereby understand why things are not the way God intends, so that we can refrain from sustaining whatever we are doing that gives rise to ill causes that inflict us with the curse of cancer and suchlike.

    Our aim should be to eliminate the cause of illness, not overlook it in the vain hope that science will somehow eradicate it so that God can be ignored, and God’s heavenly Kingdom postponed.

    With Love, Peter

    • Dear Peter. Yes, I resonate with your line of thought and your passion for truth. Perhaps it would help you be a bit more compassionate if you tried to see medical and alternative “cures” for the diseases that plague this fallen species of humanity as given to us by God as a gift to perhaps extend life a bit so that the truth of love and self-awareness can be found before one makes his or her transition from this earthly realm. “In all things give thanks.” It’s all good and purposeful. Thank you for your comment. And welcome to the world of blogging.
      With love, Anthony.

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