The Earth Is Tilting

My Chorale PicEven as we fuss and fight over climate changes at the Paris Climate Summit, the earth continues her shift bringing about violent weather patterns and rapid melting of the ice caps.  As I’ve written on several occasions, we are only hurting ourselves with our industrial pollution – the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil in which we grow our food. We are not contributing anything to the earth changes underway. That’s a much larger event in a galactic dynamic.  Watch the clip and be informed.  (Also visit me on my second blog for a controversial consideration on “The Path of Romantic Love.”)

17 thoughts on “The Earth Is Tilting

  1. Stop On! It’s the fossil fuels!

  2. Typical of my dyslexic brain, I wanted to use an Australia saying: “Spot On!”

  3. petetheplan says:

    I appreciate the heads-up on the tilting Earth. THis started many millennia ago when the Crowning Creation — divine man — left the material realm in which mankind was in violent rebellion.

    The only solution to reversing the Earth’s tilting — like a slowing-down child’s spinning-top — is the return of divine man — that is man, male and female as they are designed and intended to be.

    Without man in his ordained position — interfacing heaven and earth — there is no means, purchase — except for gravity — for life to control the course of the Earth along her trajectory.

    If this makes sense to you, be in touch; there is a way by which the balancing factor can be restored, but it is not up to more human cleverness that is only furtheing difficulties.

    • We are on the same page here at this level of conversation. Thank you for moving the conversation to a higher level. Unfortunately, not too many people on the planet are in position to converse at this level. Certainly not those of the Top 21 nations at the Paris Climate Summit.

  4. petetheplan says:

    The purpose of man was, and is, to replenish the earth. Mankind has not been replenishing the earth at the same rate he is stripping her resouces, causing extinctions, and extinguishing vital life-support systems. However, if man is to replenish the earth, instead of continuing to rape her for trading, he must learn how, and know where to start. Otherwise earth is being drained of energy, which is becoming increasingly obvious to the extent of causing due concern. The point is, is anyone really interested in not only knowing about the solution, but actively participating in it? Prayer and technology, even combined, are not enough; they may be useful, but cooperation with the purpose of life and the way life works is also most certainly essential.

    • You point is well taken. There is, I believe, a “critical number” of awakened souls on the planet at this time to provide the kind of guidance and spiritual stewardship for the earth that you speak of. Perhaps this factor accounts for the current shift of the planet, and that shift may well be toward a more stable position of harmony where the wobble is corrected. We may well be experiencing the restoration of the planet rather than its destruction. On the other side of this shift we may have a more tropical climate globally, like in Hawaii. In other words, things may be changing for the better and we are here to guide the process through a very uncomfortable transition. I will hold that hope, anyway.

  5. Thank you for your comment, petetheplan. It is clearly evident that we are at fault in not fulfilling our original and present purpose and responsibility toward the Earth. As for the earth being “drained of energy,” do you really believe that mankind is big enough to do that? Earth gets her energy from the Sun, after all, and I don’t see that human activity can diminish the energy coming from the Sun. The fact is, the planet IS shifting so that parts of its surface are being heated up by solar rays that are striking them more directly than before the shift. Ice caps are melting in consequence. I don’t hear any considerations of this factor in the climate-change rhetoric coming out of Paris. Surely our scientists are aware of the planet’s current shift.

    • petetheplan says:

      That (worldly affairs) is not really our business Anthony; it is theirs, but it also indicates a shift, albeit still rooted in reaction — by the very fact of it’s happening — and is therefore present at a lower level of consciousness, available to be blessed. Blessing all things, without concern for their appearance or results, is our business; as Lou and Bill would say, ‘let the chips fall where they may’ — our concern is rightly in the truth-of-being in purely controlled expression in all things.

  6. petetheplan says:

    Of course you are right Anthony in-so-far as the scope of human impact is minimal upon the Earth-Sol relationship; it is puny. My mention of energy-drainage is relative to the surface level of Earth that still remains habitable, compared with the entire globe before so-called civilisations took over eathly-government in disregard of heavenly dominion. Energy depletion is seen as desertification, petrified forests, ice-caps, de-forestation, etc., but also the accumulation of ocean-gyres of refuse, and the dredging of sea-coves to maximise scallops harvesting, which in turn causes numerous mass-extinctions. Any extinction reflects a disease-dealing assault on the integrity of Earth’s infrastructure of life-support ecosystems. We see the same type of disregard typified by the ignorance of medical science, ripping out a painful appendix, without knowing what it is for.
    As for ice caps melting; who needs them? Certainly polar bears and seals are just as happy as are we in a moderate climate. I shall have more to report about climate change and the reason it should not be resisted, especially by the growing number of awakening souls you mention — there have only been a handful who have awakened over the past two millennia following the instruction of the Master — the process is gaining momentum, but again humanity merely in agreement with each other is insignificant compared to the sweet influences that need control, and the bands-of-intelligence that need to be loosed, in order to purposefully correct the seasonal drift and wobble that need re-balancing, as well as the essential repair to the missing ‘skin’ of the planet. Then, with Earth restored to her former glory — as Eden — will she be able to mature and generate her own energy, the same as Sol, our parent-sun, and give birth to her own galaxy of sons and daughter-planets. These are indeed exciting days, where hope — an ego-trait — can be safely relinquished in acceptance of assurance and certainty.

  7. petetheplan says:

    By the way Anthony, I am extremely grateful to be able to converse with you in this matter of planetary restoration. There is a sequence, outlined in the first two chapters of Genesis, whereby the stages of the Fall took place before it got as far as Adam and his cloned helpmeet, Eve, and before the LORD God reportedly ’caused it to rain’, which is our only clue as to how and when Eden lost her hydrosphere to the Deluge, and the subsequent Flood, and weather-patterns became uncontrolably erratic. The point here is that we can individually — as did the Master — evolve correctly, by being reborn in the spirit-of-truth, to restore understanding, through those same levels of creation, in order to answer and fulfil the questions asked later of Job, and finally end the fallen state; work that is indeed light-and-easy, since it is done in the comfort and safety of consciousness. Thank you for the space to meditate with you in this remarkable process.

  8. petetheplan says:

    Hello Anthony — (I’m just enjoying some words and thoughts of Hugh Malafry — an ontological colleague from the previous millennium) — meanwhile, I trust the energy-drain imposed by material-man has not left you speechless! I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Thank you, again,for your comments, Peter. (I see by your email address that you are in the UK). Hugh is a good friend. We go back a ways to the days of Martin Exeter’s public ministry. On a more personal note, I am preoccupied at the present time assisting my wife with her health issues and will not be available for this conversation until after the Christmas Holidays. My best to you across the pond! -Anthony

      • petetheplan says:

        Thank you Anthony — no doubt she is in the best-of-hands — I look forward to catching up with you after the holidays — may the true spirit of Christmass bless you both.

        All the best from Eastwards of the pond — Peter

  9. Hi Anthony, Some thought has been given to a “critical mass” of humans, influencing salutary changes. Rupert Scheldrake has theorized that the mass subconscious contains
    morphogenic fields. As these morphic fields grow, others are inspired by morphic fields, as they come into our awareness, which some call intuition! The product of this process has been called “pneumaplasm” by my spiritual teacher in the early 1900s, and Scheldrake has taken a scientific approach to validate, what many of us have actually experienced. Mr. petetheplan seems to have understood that you have used pneumaplasm or what Chiropractic calls “Innate Intelligence” as an influence that does the healing, when the Chiropractor removes the “interference” in the nervous system. No wonder, a mutual friend has handed out many cards say KEEP SMILING!
    I certainly applaud your Blog, Paul

    • petetheplan says:

      Since I was mentioned above, (where I am), I would like to add a few words of support and further this wonderful understanding now emerging through people of integrity. Here goes: —

      Happening as it does, from above-down, or from inside to outside, and through creative patterns permeating the material-realm starting in the heaven, so is the direction by which the innate intelligence of life informs all levels of creation – via Pneumaplasm – spirit-substance; a word coined to describe the fine substance of spirit intended to fill our capacity of consciousness whereby the meaning and purpose of life may flow freely.

      This fine substance of spirit is generated by giving expression to the character of our being nature; it is referred to in Genesis as, ‘replenishing the earth’ – starting with our earth-forms, and extending to the rest of creation as the radiance of Love. “Let Love radiate” is the simplest explanation describing how the way life works may be experienced. By letting love alone radiate, there is no room for anything contrary to the unified truth-of-love to usurp the Divine Design of Man, male and female, as created by God for that purpose. Man is designed to interface between heaven and earth, but not to interfere in any way with what is emerging in the world of mankind.

      There have passed many millennia since the way-of-life has been allowed to function according to life’s design; therefore, there is an accumulation of coarse substance in the capacity of human consciousness, that accommodates just about everything imaginable – violence, crime, disease, natural (so-called) disasters, and a host of ill spirits, which compose the ‘beast’ mentioned by John in his Revelation, and which has dominated the collective expression of humanity since the reversal of polarity, from heavenly-orientation to earthly-orientation; also described in the beginning of Genesis chapter two when the LORD God, whoever that was, first put in an appearance.

      In order to halt and reverse the unholy condition now permeating all earth-forms, including the planet, it is hardly rocket-science to see that the way the Divine Design of life operates needs simply to be let loose, and with it will come all the understanding essential to perfect function.

      God is not willing that any should perish – so there’s a guarantee of safety there – and God is not willing to remain a mystery, or a myth, to the crowning creation.

      Now, as for the accumulation of unholy substance lodged in the subconscious levels of the self-active human mind, the only way this can be cleared is by the flush-or-spirit; it is also by the same flush-of-spirit – our first-flush; no mental-activity and judgement – that the essential pneumaplasmic substance-of-connection is generated. Then we know the truth because we have been expressing it, and when we are expressing the truth we have life more abundantly and there is no shortage-of-energy to replenish the earth and be a blessing. “Open the windows to heaven, and I shall pour you out a blessing.” The blessing come from heaven, otherwise the earth is cursed. Witness the world.

      However, since the windows to heaven have been firmly closed, each generation of new life-forms that could have matured to accommodate the meaning and purpose of life, have come and gone, and in that respect even death is seen as a blessing if you can imagine what the world would be like if aged and useless people didn’t snuff it. It is getting too crowded as it is, and growing worse what with political refugees and medical-science prolonging human existence; but just imaging the unholy bedlam we’d have if all the graves were to open and the dead were to float up with their stench. How many of them could this planet support as well? No, religion has a lot to answer for by misleading mankind with a promise of heaven after death, especially when their icon had already revealed the truth that the kingdom-of-heaven is within.

      Although the kingdom-of-heaven is within, it cannot flow through and out into the world as long as any other fields-of-interference are blocking the way-of-life. The human memory is one such field that has developed due to individual and collective resistance to the way of life, and since one person perfectly demonstrated how life works, and within recent history, what would be the point in looking elsewhere for a solution to the woes-of-the-world? It would be senseless, but then common-sense has hardly been the hallmark of human nature.

      Fortunately we are not merely human, so human nature is no excuse for continued failure and death; we are beings in human form, incarnate to further the expression of God through the miracle of our capacities of consciousness; capacities of mind and emotions designed expressly for that purpose.

      Forget about what as yet lurks in the sub-conscious; as and when it surfaces, as it will, it is easily dismissed. It is the super-conscious substance of spirit-accommodation that will enable the restoration of Man to his and her ordained heavenly dominion. Our business, rightly, is to generate that substance-of-connection in our momentary living – “to be or not to be THAT” as the Bard said – and is how the Will of God is done on earth as it is in heaven; as that happens, the rest is history, as they say, gone, in the past, and easily forgotten as a new heaven and a new earth take form once more around us.

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