“Face Fear and Be Free”

My Chorale PicA good friend of mine posted this article yesterday on his blog “The Happy Seeker” and it is so timely that I thought to re-blog it on my blog would be a way of spreading his positive message about fear. So, here is Chris Foster’s message as 2016 comes online. Enjoy.

Face Fear and Be Free by Chris Foster

Fear is on the rise in America, or so it seems. That’s what the newspapers and TV say. Perhaps it’s on the rise everywhere. Fear has a way of generating more fear─just as love has a way of generating more love.

Personally, I’ve known a fair bit of fear in my life. My standard response, when fear came up in me, was to do my best to ignore it, or suppress it.

It never really worked, mind you. The more I tried, consciously or unconsciously, to repress my fear, the more firmly entrenched it became, and the more it continued to haunt me. Fear is good at that. It likes haunting people.

But here’s the good news I want to share with you as we pass the threshold into a New Year and contemplate with joy and perhaps a bit of foreboding the possibilities that 2016 may hold in store.

Fear is not the scary, unconquerable monster we may have thought it to be. Believe it or not, fear can be our ally, and teacher.

A couple of months or so ago, I was due for my annual CT scan. I’m a two-year cancer survivor, and Kaiser likes to keep a close eye on me to make sure that there is no recurrence of this feared illness.

As the date of my appointment drew closer, I wasn’t entirely surprised when feelings of anxiety began to arise in me.

What was the result going to be? Would everything check out okay? Or would something suspicious show up?

Then I had an idea. A life-saving idea. An idea that I believe is being beamed from Heaven to all of us in these days.

Instead of trying to ignore my fear, or suppress it, as I have done so often in the past─how about acknowledging it, and feeling it, and then simply letting the fear be?

If a thunderstorm erupts in my neighborhood─as it does at times here in Colorado─I know there is no need to get in a battle with the storm. It would be kind of futile anyway.

Just as a storm has a beginning, so too it has an end.

So instead of fighting the anxiety that rose up in me from time to time when I thought about my coming test, I simply let the fear be. I realized it’s not so different really to a Colorado thunderstorm.

Putting it another way, I let the fear simply pass through me, and as it did pass through me, a miracle occurred. I experienced the truth of my own essence, my own presence, more strongly than ever before in my life. It was a transforming moment, and it was wonderful.

I realized that fear comes and goes, but the truth of who I am, and who we all are, is ageless. It does not change. It was never born. It will never die. It is always present. It doesn’t come and go.

In a strange kind of way, what I had thought of as “fear” became an ally that helped me become more conscious of the inherent goodness and wonder of creation.

So here’s the message I would share with you as 2016 unfolds—face fear and be free.

I wish you a wonderful and blessed New Year. Any thoughts on the above will be most welcome. Also, may I remind you that my new book, The Upside of Cancer, is on sale now at Amazon. It offers a wonderful dose of courage and hope to anyone facing a difficult challenge in their life.

I wish you and Happy and Healthy New Yea!

Dr. Anthony Palombo

10 thoughts on ““Face Fear and Be Free”

  1. petetheplan says:

    Welcome back Anthony — Happy New Year — I trust your wife’s health is restored.

    How about facing Love and letting Perfect Love cast out fear?

    I shall read Chris Foster’s article — please remember me to him if you are in touch — and enjoy it. Perhaps the most important resolution — for this new year and always — is the unchanging commandment, “Let not your heart be troubled”, whereby fear is not allowed in to interfere.

    With Love, Peter

    Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2016 15:48:47 +0000
    To: petetheplan@hotmail.co.uk

    • How about simply being love in the face of fear? Face fear with love.

      • petetheplan says:

        Because fear has no face in the kingdom of heaven. By acknowledging fear’s presence you give it substance, and that substance – anti-Christ — will bring death. Fear is but an absence of Love.

        Let us agree in knowing that fear has neither tolerance nor face in the secret place – our sacred heart – of the Most High, where the content of our consciousness is reserved for the truth-of-love alone. Only then shall the greater works be done, and fear – the imposter – cast out of the earth as it has been cast out of heaven.

  2. petetheplan says:

    Do not let the ‘snare-of-the-fowler’ fool you Anthony; fear has no place in the face-of-Love. Fear is of the unknown; when truth alone is known in the heart, fear is not; they cannot abide side-by-side. In any case cancer is a result, or an effect of an ill cause. If it is then allowed to cause fear, you have two things wrong, and, as Bill Bahan used to say, “If something ‘out there’ — be it in the world or in our closer environment of the physical body – is ‘wrong’, that is one thing, but if we allow it to cause further upset in our sacred emotional realm, then that is two things wrong” – i.e. as our Master said, “Let not your heart be troubled” – be responsible for your feelings instead.

    This stance may take more training, and if this is so, then let us learn. The Comforter is here to assist any who are heavy-laden.

    With Love, Peter

  3. I agree that fear has not place alongside love in the heart. Nevertheless, fear does come up into the heart when life and security are threatened by external events. Fear itself, which our friend Bill Bahan used to define as “faith in evil,” is very much present in the collective subconscious mind, which we all share as one human race. It WILL erupt into everyone’s heart who is still incarnate in human form . . . and it needs to be faced with acceptance and love. Being accepted and allowed to be what it is without “casting” it out, allows it to keep moving on though the heart. What our friend Chris is suggesting, speaking from his own experience, is that we let fear be and move on so that the peace and serenity of assurance can be revealed beneath the surface ripples caused by fear and anxiety. These are legitimate energies that ARE experienced by us all, especially when a dire diagnosis is given by the doctor. I personally have faced fear of death head on and have watched it evaporate as soon as I welcomed it into the Holy Place of my heart where Love could absorb it and reclaim the energy it was holding in a distorted pattern we call “fear.” As soon as I welcomed it into the Holy Place it dissipated – without me doing battle with it. This is some of the nature of “The Work” Byron Katie teaches. We’ve come a long way since Bill Bahan sounded the Tone that awakened us to the Truth of Love and of Life. We have been given the opportunity to clean up the impure heart of the Body of God on earth. And it is work – a work of love – and it isn’t done until it’s done in the whole body. Thank you for your comments.

    • petetheplan says:

      Thank you for your reply.
      This is a delicate matter, Anthony, pivotal to the progress of the human race, and as such is our divine duty to use it to advantage by reasoning together with the logic of truth.
      For instance, life cannot be threatened for it is everlasting. You are speaking of misplaced security in the realm-of-form that can be threatened by external events, which is what terrorists and fear-merchants believe in and trade on; after all, it supports pharmaceutical giants, science, and all the armed forces. “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot put Humpty together again.” Humpty Dumpty, in the nursery-rhyme, is of course the shattered human ego which has ruled through fear from the human subconscious for many millennia. (I’ll mention it later on, but we need to find out how fear got there, as well as how and why it is sustained, in order to complete our job.)
      If fear is allowed to ‘move through the heart’ we betray the trust Life has invested in our ability to reason together. Fear will then still reside in the human subconscious, which must logically stop at some point if we are to honour our incarnation in this generation.
      I love how Bill Bahan used to define it as “faith in evil,” and it is very much present in the collective subconscious mind, which is key to how we let it pass away from our personal experience by turning both cheeks – i.e. full-face, to the truth-of-love by way of example.
      To say “It WILL erupt into everyone’s heart who is still incarnate in human form . . .” is not true unless you include in your . . . “and knows not the truth” – we only give fear a face by accepting it and naming it; we do not rightly love fear.
      Yes, we’ve come a long way since Bill re-sounded the Tone that awakened us to the (Presence of) Truth of Love and of Life, and as he said, “An inch is a cinch, a yard is hard” – but it is not until we have completed the journey – having accepted the invitation — and come to the place that is prepared for us, that “where I AM, there ye may be also” – that anyone can truly say, “my kingdom is not of this world.” With fear infesting it, the Temple of the living God – and even the Holy Place — is defiled; fear is an absence of Love. Love does not ‘absorb fear’ anymore than light absorbs darkness; what is there to absorb? Love is what rightly belongs in the Temple, as well as being the reason and purpose we are blessed with an emotional realm, and a realm of logic-and-reason whereby we can protect it from words without wisdom.
      For example – and I’ll use an opening sentence of a quote from Byron Katie, since you mention her – “I can find only three kinds of business in the universe: mine, yours and God’s. Much of our stress comes from mentally living out of our business.” Well said, Katie, but as Jesus pointed out, there is only One Business; the rest, mine and yours, are irrelevant and cause stress, with strain; Bill also spoke eloquently of ‘Stress-without-Strain’; i.e. we would collapse, and could not move our limbs without muscular and skeletal stress.
      Perhaps the idea of ‘casting-out-fear’ has been outlived; it gave substance to the religious myth that God is in some kind of a struggle with evil, and served a temporary purpose of heralding a victory in fighting the devil that will keep popping up from the subconscious for as long as we give it space there to crap.
      The point is, as I mentioned earlier – and this is where the light needs to shine in holy focus precisely where my subconscious interfaces with the race-subconscious – HOW DID FEAR GET IN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE, especially since it does not originate in the Love-of-God?
      Again, as Bill once said – he had asked one of the Class, “how are you doing?” – and the reply was, “Okay, under the circumstances” – “well what are you doing under there?” We do not belong ‘under the circumstances’, puppets of emotional conflict.
      To reiterate, Love – (let us not confuse Love with human sentimentality or permissiveness) – does not negotiate with fear; Love is not pleased to see fear and is never caused to smile at human fear. How could Love smile at human fear when it is obviously destroying the human being from the heart on out? The Lord looks upon the heart, saying, “Let not your heart be troubled; let it instead be filled with My feelings, just as your mind is designed to be fuelled and motivated by My thoughts.”
      Fear is a weapon of terrorists. Terrorists cannot gain access to heaven where we belong and have our perfect being. They have trespassed in the mind and hearts of human beings because human beings have allowed that intrusion to take place. An invasion of such devastating force can only occur when polarity of Love in the Lord is displaced, and becomes reaction to externals; at which point externals – instead of the Lord, Life – are given control over the human emotional realm, and that in itself is a terrifying experience, and seemingly real.
      At that point – unless the individual has been trained in the Art-and-Science of Spiritual Expression, and remembers his or her training; i.e. “Let not your heart be troubled” — the tendency of the mind is to then say, “it is the terrorist, or the cancer; that is what is making me afraid.”
      Unfortunately it is a very convincing experience, and no doubt validated – rationalised by the mind – when what is feared is made manifest. If this is understood, then it must also be seen as very foolish advice to say, “smile with love in the face of fear.”
      We do not smile, dance, embrace, fight, struggle with, or even contemplate fear – imagine a paraplegic wrestler – the bell for round one is struck – and there he is in the ring with an invisible opponent, (the threat-of-fear), if you need an analogy.
      Q. What to do if you should happen to see such a solo-wrestler in the bath-tub, having a fit? Throw in the laundry.

  4. petetheplan says:

    Dear Anthony, I very much appreciate our patience in exploring the nature of fear, and the impact it has on humanity; witness the world, but perhaps we have dallied long enough on the subject and could now move forward in considering health? I.e. “I come that they may have health, and have it more abundantly.” What say you? X Peter.

  5. kittymacdonald8 says:

    Thank you,Tony! I finally got around to reading this, along with the Comments section. I enjoyed the conversation between you and Peter! What I would add to that conversation is that Love is ALL there is; fear and its offspring are mere illusions. And I make that statement, not to be just spouting words, but because that has been my own personal experience.

    I love you deeply, my brother…Kitty

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