“Is Cholesterol Really an Issue?” –The Chopra Center

My Chorale PicIt’s always interesting to hear another healthcare professional, especially a medical doctor and researcher, say what I and many of my colleagues in the field of clinical nutrition have been saying for many years now.  The following is news only to those with ears attuned only to Medical Research and whose minds – to their misfortune – are closed to any professionals with anything less than an “M.D.” degree behind their name.  It is not news to the rest of us who have been using our minds for critical thinking. Nevertheless, this is worth reading as it details the facts about cholesterol production in the body. That said, I am pleased to know that the rest of the world is finally getting this information from a source they allow to do their thinking for them.  Yes, I admit to and own my cynicism. Please forgive me and do read on . . . .

Why Cholesterol May Not Be Such a Bad Thing

When arteries are damaged by a lifestyle event such as stress, high blood pressure, nicotine, or other toxins, cholesterol is the body’s first response to help repair the artery, according to Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D.., cardiologist and author of Clean Gut. Similar to forming a scab on a wound, the body sends cholesterol plaque to help repair the damage. This is the small, high-density type of cholesterol. In a healthy body, healthy cells would then continue to repair the artery, and the cholesterol plaque would be reabsorbed back into the body and not accumulate and become a health issue.

However, in a chronic situation like ongoing stress, high blood pressure, or exposure to toxins (all inflammation producers), the signal to stop sending cholesterol to that damaged area never gets turned off and the cholesterol plaque continues to build up. Chronic inflammation can exacerbate this process and keep the plaque building until the affected artery is clogged.

Living a healthy, low-stress lifestyle, including mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga, can help turn off the conveyer  belt of plaque being sent to a damaged artery.

Need one say more?  If  you want the whole story, go to the Chopra website at the link below. It’s a good read.

Here’s to your health and longevity.

Anthony Palombo, D.C.


2 thoughts on ““Is Cholesterol Really an Issue?” –The Chopra Center

  1. petetheplan says:

    The pros-and-cons of different ‘life-styles’ should come under corrective-thinking study at this point. Your interesting article gives us a great opportunity for right thinking.

    “When arteries are damaged by a lifestyle event such as stress, high blood pressure, nicotine, or other toxins, cholesterol is the body’s first response to help repair the artery, according to Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D.., cardiologist and author of Clean Gut.”

    If, as most health and sickness-practitioners are saying, disease is inflicted by stress and/or/substance-abuse — to which the body reacts by sending in its cholesterol cavalry to make repairs – then surely it is timely to consider what is getting into and coming out of the thinking and emotional realms; I mean besides food, drink and conversation.

    Let’s face it, if what is sold as media-news were to be distilled as liquid in a bottle, and you to regularly drink it, you would soon be as bright as a ray-of-sunshine, full of life, joy and glad-tidings towards the whole world; NOT!

    If what is sold as media-news was found on a skip, would you bring it home to your family? Some people may, but then some people do not love their families.

    If it was on the menu dressed up as a meal – and you ate it – you would of course order seconds, or even thirds – after you had thrown-up down the toilet.

    The point is, if we read this stuff hungrily, or watch in fascination on the TV, and then regurgitate it with others and swap views of condemnation, we continue to sow the same seeds in our race-consciousness; witness the world. Stop right here if I’ve said anything wrong up to this point.

    There is an up-side to this. When it is seen and recognised that there is virtually nobody on guard at the doorway to our minds and emotion-realms, and the steady-diet of what swirls around humanity’s consciousness has a deadly effects on all our systems, we may then be sufficiently removed from it – like orbiting the Earth – to see the solution.

    If not, then sadly we die; end-of-story, and never having discovered the purpose, and therefore the potential, of our minds and emotional realms – which are in and of themselves the most miraculous capacities imaginable. What the body does is simply an extension of the intentions of our thoughts and feelings.

    If that is so, then it is the responsibility of the being who occupies the body to decide what is fitting and wholesome, delightful and enjoyable, to allow through the doorway – both in and out – of our minds and feeling realms. Meditation and yoga will be seen then as only time-wasting stop-gaps being used to compensate, or mitigate the effects of what simply does not belong in our content-of-consciousness.

    Yes, we can see what is wrong in the world very plainly, it is all so obvious. But that is where it needs to stay until it is resolved, which it shall be in due season, as and when a few individuals assume responsibility for what they express. If it is wrong ‘out there’ then letting it upset our feelings as well just magnifies the damage; that is until the cholesterol cavalry calls a complete shut-down to the useless system.

    Surely it is time to stop feeding the global death-wish, and begin living as we were designed, as a blessing instead of a curse.

  2. Thanks for your substantial comment, Peter. Good stuff for your own blog. Food for thought and nourishment for right thinking.

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